hoto Credit: Peter Hellberg


I was born and raised in Toronto
Married my high school sweetheart at 22 and moved to Vancouver six months later
Modelled for 5 years in Toronto
I have a degree in Early Childhood Education
My dream job would be a window display designer
Love any made-for-tv movies; the cheesier the better
I have three daughters that are beautiful inside and out
I enjoy nothing more than sharing good food with friends & family
I am a pastors wife to an incredible man
I enjoy speaking alongside my husband about God's plan for marriages to thrive
I love DIY projects; been known to redecorate a room in an evening
I have a debilitating fear of cats; ironically cats love me


Photo Credit: Mitya Ku


I think frozen yogurt trumps ice cream and donuts are better than cake
I am terrified of spiders and run from bees...literally
I have always loved fashion although I like dressing other people more than myself
My biggest pet peeve is a soaking wet dishcloth at the bottom of the sink
I have a Bachelor of Business Administration
My biggest fears involve death and failure - in that order
I am a huge proponent of mixing highs and lows
My favourite colour is every shade of white but my "go-to" outfit is all black
I am terribly shy and overthink everything
I love Jesus...I love my husband
I am blessed with three beautiful daughters and one delicious son
I often join two thoughts with three periods "..."
I am so glad God isn't finished with me yet


Photo Credit: @ella haus

Photo Credit: @ella haus


I am American and proud of it but love living in Canada
I love the beach, especially So Cal
French fries and chips are my weakness but love a GOOD key lime pie with lots of fresh whip cream
I have a BS in Family and Child Development
I also have a BS in Nursing, and loved my pediatric nursing career
I might have an addiction to shopping - for anything really, but especially clothes, shoes, makeup and home decor
I am definitely addicted to my morning Latte, usually made for me by my sweet husband
I am one of four girls and though all of us are very different and many miles separate us, my sisters are still my best friends
I love Jesus, my sweet husband and our 3 kids with all that I am