Spring Cleaning - Kid's Organization

If someone were to ask me about my hobbies, I would have to say organization is at the top of my list. I spend hours organizing and reorganizing my home. I'm not saying my house is always clean, it's far from that. As a mom of 3 girls I have never been one to shy away from mess that encourages relationship or creativity. I do chaos well. What I can't handle is unnecessary clutter that keeps my family frazzled to find what we need when we need it.  Over the years I've created organizational systems in our home that allow the girls independence and makes me a saner, less crazy mom and generally makes our home a functional, peaceful place to call home.

Back Packs

Hanging hooks by our front door has helped our routine immensely. When my girls get home from school, they know to hang their bags and take lunch kits and water bottles to the kitchen. No more running around in the morning looking for backpacks, which 9 times out of 10 were still in the car.


Important School Notices

I painted wooden dollar store clip boards and screwed them to the wall, one for each child. Any important notices, field trip forms or artwork are displayed here. I implemented this system after I missed a couple of important forms that needed signing.


Baskets for Everything

When it comes to kids organization, baskets are a mommy's best friend.  They come in all shapes and sizes and are relatively inexpensive.

Shoes: We use this basket for stray shoes left at the front door. When filled, the girls empty into their shoe baskets located in the laundry room closet.

Hair Accessories: This basket maximizes the space in my girls small bathroom

Stuffies & Dolls: Literally changed my love/hate relationship with stuffies. (Because every stuffy deserves to be loved for 1-2 days before living in the bottom of a basket for the next 10 years.)


Bulletin Board

For the tweens or kids who love to hang posters and pictures around their room, save your walls and clutter by investing in a large cork board. Love that my daughter's Taylor Swift obsession and hoarder tendancies are isolated to one board. Happiness all around!

Craft Supplies

We LOVE arts and crafts in our home! In order to keep our supplies organized and easy to find, I purchased plastic containers and labelled them with a sharpie. I knew that I would be storing the supplies in a cupboard so my choice was based on price not beauty.  You can purchase containers similar to these at Home Depot or Walmart.