Jewellery Organization - A Creative Solution

This week of spring cleaning had me focused on our master bedroom. Yikes! As with all spring cleaning, one task always leads to another. I began by painting my room, which led to rearranging the furniture, which led to today's post. For years my jewellery had been an overwhelming source of stress (I know, dramatic, right?!). I could never find matching pairs of earrings and my necklaces were always tangled.

I sat and stared at my mess of jewellery until finally, I had a EUREKA! moment. Within twenty minutes I had a beautiful, useful way to store and display my jewellery. 

When starting a creative project, I always look around my house for ways to reuse what I already have on hand. In this case, I used 3 cork bulletin boards from my home office. If you don't already own something similar, Homesense and Michaels carry similar boards - you could even get creative and make your own!  Easily done: earrings are simply poked into the board and necklaces are hung on small gold screws I placed along the top. I am so happy with my new jewellery boards - no more tangled mess! Happy organizing!