Porch Makeover on Budget

I've always dreamed of having a covered porch that I could cuddle up with a book while watching my kids play. When we moved into our home, my heart leaped at the reality of that dream. I knew I wanted to make it a special place to relax and entertain. 

My budget for furnishing and accessorizing the entire porch was $150. 

My sweet neighbour had this wicker set on the curb. I fixed it and gave it a fresh coat of spray paint. ($24) 

I headed to HomeSense for pillows and accessories. As I walked in the store my eyes came upon this beautiful "bird cage" piece ($40) that became the focal point of the porch. You should have seen my husband's face when I walked in the door with it. Ha! I chose the colour red and navy blue for the pillows ($50) to compliment my focal piece and the white furniture. 

I hung the cage with a leftover chain from my kitchen chandelier and added white candles of different sizes. ($20)

I picked up the rug at Home Depot ($25).

I already had the coffee table set. I had ordered it from Gilt.com for my living room but it arrived very weak and wobbly; two of the flimsy legs were cracked. I called Gilt and they fully refunded my purchase, telling me to keep the tables and see if I could have them fixed. Love a company that stands behind their product! The tables are still wobbly and wouldn't have lasted a month in the house but are the perfect addition to the porch..while they last. (free)

The total porch makeover was $144. Every time I sit on the porch, especially during the warm summer evenings with the candles lit, I am convinced the makeover was worth every penny.