A Decorative Storage DIY

Does anyone have a project they have been trying to tackle for-like-ever? This was me with my playroom storage boxes. Seriously, we have been living in our place for almost two years and I intended to have these boxes 'decorated' way back when we first moved in.  I am not the best DIY’er, as I have mentioned before, but this time I came through!

You see, I have these IKEA storage boxes that hold all of our lovely toys, craft materials and art supplies but they are solid black. Looking at them always bothered me because they were soooooo black (and I love everything white!) I needed a solution that didn't cost a lot of money because we will be moving again at the end of the year and will have a different storage solution.

So, I headed to Michaels and grabbed a pack of cardboard stencils and a bottle of fabric spray paint. For less than $20 I was able to create a simple way to give our bland storage boxes a fresh new look! 

I was able to get this project done in less than an hour (not including dry time). Amazing!

Happy DIY'ing!