Locally Sourced

Hello Lovelies! I don't spend a lot of time in grocery stores. I prefer to do most of my grocery shopping at specialty food stores, mom and pop shops and fruit/veggie markets.

Ocean Park Fine Meats is one of my local go-to's. It's one-stop shopping for almost all of my protein needs. This is where I buy not only my meat, but also farm fresh eggs and fresh or frozen fish. These guys know meat. Shaughn, the owner, takes pride in how the meat is displayed in the freezer but also is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to how to prepare whatever cut you are buying. They have you covered for all of your holidays, entertaining and special events. Most customers are regulars and are addressed by name. Love that! I know, you're thinking, meat isn't exactly "lovely", but there's something so enticing about the freshness and quality you are buying at a butcher.

So, why buy from a butcher vs. the standard grocery store?

  1. They love animals as much as you–maybe more. Pretty simple - these guys source their meat from farms where animals are happy, not pumped full of antibiotics and hormones.
  2. You’ll always know what you’re getting. A proper butcher can tell you the farm the animal was raised on and always know what part of the animal that particular cut came from.
  3. Butchers offer better selection and quality. You can actually taste the difference in quality.
  4. They deliver top notch service. These guys will tell you how to marinate the meat, at what temperature to cook it and for how long. And they're always bang on.
  5. You keep your dollar local. By going to a local butcher, less dollars end up in pockets of the large meat manufacturers and distributors, which means more for the farmer and small business owner.

Shaughn even offered to let me come to the meat locker where the fresh cuts are hanging. That's where I draw the line. :) This morning I picked up my dozen eggs, the BEST bacon around, a whole roasting chicken, and tonight's dinner selection - fresh Halibut! I headed over to Chan's for some fresh arugula for a light side dish and some local green beans, and lastly, hit up Cobs for a soft Turkish loaf to compliment it all.

If you can, I encourage you to meal plan and grocery shop with our local small business owners. There are times that call for one stop shopping at stores like Save On Foods, obviously, but when you're there, I would encourage you to check where your foods are from - BC is best!