Spring Essentials Challenge: Part Four

Ah...almost there! We are now 'shopping' for item number four - the heeled sandal! I must say, I do think shoes are a very key element when it comes to an outfit. They don't always have to be expensive, but if there is anything to spend a little more on, I believe it is shoes and accessories. Shopping tip: Spend more money on neutral pieces because they will go with more and are less likely to go out of style quickly.

Take a peek at the shoes pictured below and see if you can pick out which are the most expensive!

So which top from the Spring Essentials Challenge: Part Three was in what category of budget?

If you guessed HIGH you were right! This top is from Nordstrom by Cupcakes & Cashmere and cost $100 USD.

If you guessed MEDIUM you were right! This top is from Target and cost $44.

If you guessed LOW you were right! This top is from Amazon.ca and cost $14. (It is sold out now...shocking! Here is another similar style: Asos Brave Soul Top.)

Be sure to check back next week to see the final outfits as we compare all four items at each price point!