Spring Essentials Challenge: Part One

I absolutely love spring fashion and as soon as the sun peaks out at this time of year, I get the itch to break free of my heavy jackets and boots! I always start by spring cleaning my closet - it feels good to pack away the bulk of winter and embrace the warmth of spring. 

photo care of ouiouiouistudio

photo care of ouiouiouistudio

After cleansing my closet, I decide on the items I would like to add to my wardrobe and determine my budget. So what is on my must-have list this season?

  1. Casual spring jacket
  2. Cropped trouser jeans
  3. Exposed shoulder top (see my post The Cold Shoulder)
  4. Heeled sandals

All of these items can be purchased and put together to achieve the same look with almost any budget. Don't believe me? Whether its $75, $150 or $300 per month, finding your key spring pieces will revitalize your current wardrobe, add flare to your closet staples, and have you welcoming the season in style! 

In this challenge, I will put together the 4 must-have pieces for each of the above mentioned budgets without going over...I promise! First things first, spring jackets. See if you can pick out the high, medium and low - then stay tuned for the answer in Spring Essentials Challenge: Part Two...