Spring Essentials Challenge: Finale

That's a wrap! The four items in my Spring Essentials checklist have been decided and each are in their own category of high, medium and low. Each of the budget categories presented their own challenges but in the end, all of the items look amazing and achieve the exact same look! Check it out...

HIGH $900


LOW $225

Here is the breakdown for each of the budgets:

HIGH: $300 per month x 3 months = $900 spring budget

  1. Needle & Thread jacket $450*
  2. Free People jeans $58.80 (on sale from $98)*
  3. Cupcakes & Cashmere top $100*
  4. Rebecca Minkoff heeled sandals $99.99* (on eBay BuyItNow - linked original price $195)

Total spent: $894.58

MEDIUM: $150 per month x 3 months = $450 spring budget

  1. Topshop jacket $115*
  2. Zara jeans $69.90
  3. Target off the shoulder top $44* (sold out in striped pattern)
  4. Splendid heeled sandals $176

Total spent: $446.90

LOW: $75 per month x 3 months = $225 spring budget

  1. Zara jacket $49.90
  2. Forever21 jeans $19.99*
  3. Amazon.ca top $14 (sold out but HERE is one similar)
  4. Asos heeled sandals $134.90

Total spent: $224.14

Remember to get creative when searching for the perfect item to complement your closet - using loyalty programs, online coupon codes, and sites such as eBay and Amazon can save you a significant amount of money when you are careful and mindful of what you are shopping for. You can also watch for timed sale events on membership websites like Gilt.com and Hautelook.com

Use these shopping tips to create a successful and meaningful experience:

  1. Create a list of items you NEED.
  2. Create a list of items you WANT.
  3. Prepare a realistic budget (and stick to it!).
  4. Search online for each of your items and look for the least expensive retailer to purchase from. Use sites like SHOPSTYLE.ca to search multiple retailers at once.
  5. Search for coupon codes, loyalty programs, free shipping, etc. to see what kind of discounts you can obtain.
  6. Check eBay, Amazon and other discount websites to see if your item is available.
  7. Always buy from retailers that offer solid return and exchange policies.
  8. Only purchase items you absolutely LOVE!

Wishing you some amazing spring essential finds - no matter what your budget is!

All items marked with an "*" are in US dollars and are calculated into CA dollars at the time of research :) Here's to our Canadian dollar making a comeback! (fingers crossed)