A Valentine's Affair

Ah, love day! A day dedicated to showering those dear to your heart with everything sweet and sentimental. One thing we love here, at Oh So Lovely, is a simple and beautiful table setting.

We love to host all kinds of events but with our collective crew of 10 children, a beautiful table setting can be challenging at best! We wanted to create a setting perfect for a girlfriends’ brunch that could be easily converted to a little girls lunch - because 8 of our 10 children are girls!

We created a palette of soft pinks and peaches and mixed in some splashes of copper and rose gold. Totally not traditional Valentine’s colours but we wanted it to be soft, airy and modern.


We accentuated the setting with gorgeous flowers from Ocean Park Flowers - they have the most amazing selection and fabulous floral arrangements!


While the children hurried in from activities, we were able to switch up the table to child-friendly in a matter of minutes! Out goes toasted coconut donuts and maple glazed grapefruit (what was left of it!) and in comes sprinkled pretzels and heart-shaped cookies from a trendy local deli, Malones.

We removed the glass vases as well as the vintage stained-glass german flutes and replaced them with milk jars and straws, paper napkins and water jugs - the girls were over the top excited looking at their beautiful table and special lunch!