Valentine Pallet DIY

I love a good DIY project! I like taking old things and making them new or spending very little for supplies to make something unique and special. I'm a very spontaneous DIY'er; when I get an idea in my head, I just go for it. It always ends up a little different than I originally envisioned but the process always brings me joy.

We used to have a chalkboard wall in our house that I would post this Valentine verse every year. Our current home does not have one so, I thought it would be fun to turn the verse into a pallet wall hanging that I can display each February.

This was an easy project that cost less than $20 and brings a smile to my face every time I go out the front door.

As I said, I don't pre plan my projects, which makes me look extra blonde at the hardware store. I have to lay every item out on the floor to visualize what I want and use a lot of hand gestures to explain to the confused clerk what I "may" need.

With the help of my 4year old, I purchased four 1x4x8 trim at Home Depot. I had them cut each board into 3 equal pieces (they will do this at no extra charge). I lined up my 12 pieces on the floor and had them cut a 1x3x8 to the length of the boards to brace the picture together.

I started by screwing two brace boards to each pallet and added a hanger on the top of each brace. I held it up to look at my masterpiece and every board fell off. Minor setback... Back to Home Depot for screws long enough to hold it together. Phew, back on track!

I found white paint in my garage from another project, yay! Love when project materials can be used in multiple DIY's. I painted the pallet solid white.

I knew I only needed 9 pallet lines for the Valentine verse so I used the top 3 for design. I wanted to keep it simple, but you could add any design. I traced a heart and filled it in with red folk art paint from the dollar store. Easy Peasy!


Next, I free handed the verse with a pencil then traced over with paint (Another option would be to stencil the letters). I recommend self medicating before attempting; it is tedious and hard on your back :).

The perfectionist in me cringes a little at the printing, but I believe the key to a successful DIY is to not take the project or myself too seriously. I think it's special that my kids will see my printing as they read this truth. Another DIY success; my family loves it and my husband never questioned my choice of DIY'ing in the middle of our living space. Love that man!

Happy DIY'ing!!!