The Bunny Brought It!

With this being the week of Easter, I thought it would be fun to share with you 50 Easter basket fillers your kids will love!  In our house, the Easter bunny comes on Saturday morning. My girls wake up to find a basket at the foot of their bed filled with goodies. Then the hunt begins to find chocolate filled Easter eggs hidden throughout the house. In order to keep it fair and challenging for each child, I (er, um, I mean the Easter bunny) hides different coloured eggs for each child. This year my oldest will have turquoise, middle purple and youngest pink.  We have so much fun hunting for eggs together. I know one may wonder how the one who hides has fun hunting? After 3 kids, my memory is not what it once was; even with my help we’ve been known to find eggs in June. 

As a child I loved the tradition of waking up to my plastic Easter basket at the end of my bed. Every year my basket looked the same: Easter grass, socks, Easter hat, skipping rope, silly putty, underwear & a chocolate bunny. It was predictable, practical and oh so special.  That’s what I want to create for my kids: memories that still bring a smile to their face 30 years later. It wasn’t about the items but about the thought and care of my parents that made it special.

It’s not about filling our kids baskets to the brim with random trinkets.  Instead, choose items that promote creativity and connection, create memories or fill a practical need for your child. 

  1. Sandals
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Nail Polish
  4. Underwear
  5. Diary
  6. Hat
  7. Swim Suit
  8. Beach Toys
  9. Mini Baby Dolls
  10. Bubble Bath
  11. Ear Phones
  12. Lego Friends
  13. Mini Monster Trucks
  14. Bubbles - Link to mess free bubbles perfect for toddlers :)
  15. Side Walk Chalk
  16. $5.00 Menchie's Gift Card
  17. Gift Certificate for Later Bedtime, Mommy or Daddy Date or Electronic Time
  18. Magazine Subscription
  19. Stuffed Animal
  20. Stickers
  21. Teether
  22. Frisbee
  23. Thermos Bottle
  24. Star Wars Silicone Molds
  25. Tattoos
  26. Skipping Rope
  27. Movie Passes 
  28. Bubble Gum
  29. Flip Flops
  30. Alarm Clock
  31. Scratch Art
  32. Beach Towel
  33. Hair Accessories in plastic eggs
  34. Woopie Cushion 
  35. Book Mark
  36. Easter Book
  37. Piggy Bank
  38. Character Bandaids
  39. Markers or Crayons
  40. Seeds to make seed bombs with mom & dad
  41. Note Book or Colouring Books
  42. Washi Tape
  43. Play-Doh Eggs
  44. Silly Putty
  45. Wet Brush
  46. Watch
  47. Gift Certificate to choose the 1st song in the car or sit shotgun
  48. Lip Gloss
  49. Apron to bake with mom
  50. Family Charades Game

Happy Easter!