It's a Peppa Pig Party!

Sugar love cookie designs

Sugar love cookie designs

My Sweet baby turned five! I see every birthday as a beautiful opportunity for fun and celebration. I love spending the time planning parties with my girls and the thrill on the birthday girl's face makes my heart happy. This party was no exception! I started by sitting down with Bella to decide her theme, we narrowed it down together based on her her current faves. We decided on the popular Peppa Pig. Then the fun began with a "girls meeting" (love that my girls share my love of party planning). We began by brainstorming all the important aspects of Peppa Pig; where do they play? what do they do?, etc..) We decided to transform our living/dining room into the Peppa Pig Village including Grandpa's garden, the row boat, family car, ducks in the pond, muddy puddles, picnic and Miss Rabbit's fruit market.

My inspiration for the party began when I came across Sugar Love Cookie Designs on Instagram. I contacted Stacie about Peppa Pig cookies, and she exceeded my expectations. Aren't they incredibly beautiful?! Her cookies are vibrant in colour and made fresh to order. Love Stacie's attention to detail. The cookies were almost to beautiful to eat; glad I got over it because they were delicious.

I kept the food simple as my experience tells me kids don't eat much at parties. We had a picnic lunch on the floor which was a little crazy. The kids seemed more confused than excited.


The chocolate fountain was the highlight of the party. The kids and my floor were a chocolate disaster by the time the parents returned but it was worth the mess. Look at that happy face:)

Usually I make my own cakes but I was coming off of a super busy week and this mama knows my limitations; I didn't want to be in a straight jacket for the party. I had my amazingly talented friend from JayBird Creations make this adorable cake.

We made a row boat out of a Rubbermaid container wrapped in paper and ducktape. We used the remaining paper rolls as the ores. We placed it on our blue sleeping bag with a blue tablecloth on the wall. Voila! Cost $3.00

For Grandpa's garden we filled a container with dirt from our garden and added dollar store flowers, shovels and worms. It wasn't as messy as I thought it would be and the kids had a blast digging in the dirt.

I picked up this market stand at Ikea for $12.99 and filled it with food from our playroom. The stand in sturdy and super easy to assemble. The kids had fun organizing and taking turns being Miss Rabbit.

Peppa Pig spends a great amount of time at the duck pond so naturally we needed one in our living room.

Daddy pigs famous red car! To make the car I covered my coffee table with a hot pink fitted sheet (Not red, but it was close enough). I cut wheels and headlights out of construction paper and attached them with safety pins. Bella had the idea to use a pot lid as the steering wheel.

The girls loved the pig cups that my daughter created!

We made a photo background with plastic table cloths, thumb tacs and dollar store fence and butterflies. I found the grass throw rug in the clearance section at Ikea. Win!!! It was the perfect finish.

As you can tell from her ear to ear grin, this little lady had a fabulous imaginative party. Thanks to the help of dollar stores and little workers the party was creative, fun and didn't break the bank. Party planning brings me so much joy, I can hardly wait to start planning my daughter's Soul Surfer party!!!! T-133days!!!