A Little Birthday Love Featuring Some Local Momtepreneurs

I don’t know about you, but lately I have been loving all of the momtepreneurs out there who have started their own companies. I love that these mamas are sharing some of their God-given talents and creating strong and independent businesses. While I support all forms of small business, I definitely have a soft spot for the local artisans. Handmade, unique, and custom pieces made to order - can it get any better? 

These last few weeks I have been busy trying to organize my daughter’s second birthday party. I have great Pinterest dreams and have been known to pull off a killer kids party in my time; but one thing I was never good at were all the amazing DIYs. I am the person who goes to Michaels with good intentions, purchases everything I need to make fab things, and then has it sit in bags (probably in the garage) until I return it months afterward for less than I paid - eek! I have learned that my time is not my own these days and that is ok because I have found other mamas to support in their craftiness!

For this party, I just wanted to create something simple and sweet. We hosted it outdoors and I used some amazing local vendors and wanted to share their work with you. Trust me ladies, you will thank me later! (I have linked all of the shops through their names!)

Dorothy Ellen Designs

I had this adorable shop make the gorgeous, custom burlap banner with my daughter’s name. She handmade the beautiful, little white tutus on either side of the banner and added the perfect touch of sweet lace to ends. I cannot wait to hang this in Everley’s room!

dorothy ellen designs

dorothy ellen designs

Urban Walls

This amazing, local shop does incredible art decals (that are easily put on or taken off walls) as well as custom artwork. I have used the decals in the past and they are actually fool-proof! I contacted the shop and requested a custom design print that could be framed (so I could use it for the party and in Everley’s room afterward). Urban Walls came up with the sweetest design and I am so in love with how it turned out!

BC Baby Creations

When I saw the gorgeous cake toppers this shop made, I knew I had to have one! I chose the gold, glitter “two” as the topper for my daughter’s cake and it added just the right amount of sparkle. There are so many other sweet goodies in the shop and all of them are just as amazing!

bc baby creations - mary konkin photography

bc baby creations - mary konkin photography

Sugar Love Cookie Designs

I had this sweet shop design and make the most amazing cookies. They were hand-painted to perfection and even had splashes of glittery gold - seriously too beautiful to eat. But we did…and they were absolutely delicious! 

Sweetness by Lenka Achacoso

This lovely shop was able to create an insanely delectable cake that looked exactly like I pictured in my Pinterest-obsessed head and that is a feat all in itself! I chose a naked cake (no outside frosting or fondant) in a lemon flavour with cream cheese icing and then added my own pink peonies to decorate it.

sweetness by lenka achacoso - mary konkin photography

sweetness by lenka achacoso - mary konkin photography