Step Into My Shoes


With busyness of Christmas fast approaching, I'm excited to share with you a great free resource from Compassion International. Step Into My Shoes allows families the opportunity to experience life in a different way - asking the question, How do we define 'enough'? This journey takes us to Uganda to walk in the shoes of a family who have little but are content and full of joy. Each day we are invited into the lives of Pastor Tom, his wife Nancy, and their children through video.  Journey cards offer easy-to-lead questions, Bible verses, and activities that reinforce the message of the day. My girls love the family and are constantly challenged and in awe of the similarities and differences between their lives and ours. It's been beautiful for the girls to realize that even though we live differently, we are all one family under God.

My prayer is that Step Into My Shoes will help ground our family in the truth that contentment and pure joy isn't about us; what we have or our entertainment. We could have embarked on this journey anytime this year but I saved it for this season in order to reinforce gratitude before the wishlists are written and holiday festivities begin.

Start you trip today, no passports required -