Summer Fun Bucket List

Cue the music: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” I’ve had my girls home for a week now and I’m still singing. Don’t get me wrong, come September I’m sure I’ll be singing the same song, excited for routine and alone time. But for now, I am so excited for the days ahead. Days filled with no expectations or timelines. Staying up late and sleeping in, family fun and hanging out with friends. 

Why is year end always so crazy? Between field trips, class parties, after-school wrap up parties... June made me feel like I was barely keeping my head above water. I scarcely survived and since school ended I've been in hibernation/recovery mode. Even checking Facebook has been deemed too much social interaction for my overexposed self. I love people but June is overload for this introvert. Ah yes, summer is here! In our house we like to keep our summers simple and spontaneous.

Our first morning of summer break always begins with a big breakfast and a family dream meeting to come up with our “summer bucket list”. We have a lot of fun with this and nothing is off the table, but it doesn’t mean everything will be crossed off by summer's end. Camping has been on the girls list for 4 years and has yet to happen. You’d think they’d learn that it’s a pipe dream with Mark and I as their parents, but yet again, it’s made the list. Maybe this year…

In our yard we’ve created a space that allows us to never have to leave but it’s great to have the bucket list for the days we feel stir crazy or need to do something out of the ordinary. This is the list my girls came up with:

  1. Aquarium - Love the renovation!
  2. Water Slides
  3. Horse back Riding
  4. Camping
  5. Baking
  6. Zoo
  7. Lemonade Stand
  8. Grouse Grind - Picnic at the top
  9. Camp Fire - S'mores
  10. Slip & Slide
  11. Village Kids Camp - Highlight of every summer
  12. Bike Rides
  13. Skating
  14. Swimming - This year we invested in a medal framed pool from Target. On sale for $250, it has already been worth every penny. We have a blast without ever leaving our yard.
  15. Hike
  16. Summer Party - At least once a week we accomplish this request
  17. Crafts
  18. Soul Surfer Birthday Party 
  19. Gardening - We just planted a vegetable garden
  20. Restaurant - With my husband away for 10 days, this may have already been checked
  21. Green Bay Bible Camp
  22. Imagine Children's Museum
  23. Krause Berry Farms
  24. Beach
  25. Summer Camp (My 10yr old is using her entrepreneurial skills to host a summer camp in our yard, she's made up registration forms and flyers. I think she's a pretty cool kid!)

Would love to hear what makes your kids bucket list.