Our Classroom

I have never been a person who works well in chaos. I knew that if I was going to be able to home school well I would need to organize my home in a way that our classroom could be separate from our living space. With the help of IKEA I transformed my office into a classroom. Here is how I've set up our space to make it both pretty and practical.

I wanted a glass door for the classroom to create an open space and to give the girls a feel that I am present even if I'm folding laundry, cooking or whatever. What I didn't consider is glass doors are not cheap and need to be specially ordered.  Solution: I removed my glass pantry door and replaced it with the door that used to be for this room. I love that I can close the door so the girls can focus but still have full sight from our living space.

I spray painted a cork board gold and hung it just outside the classroom so the girls can showcase their work.

I got these desks at IKEA during the 15% back to school event. The drawers are essential for organization. They each have a drawer for each subject to hold textbooks and unfinished assignments. I purchased the chairs for $12 and spray-painted them gold to match the decals.

A couple more IKEA pieces: The bookshelf was a steal for $30.00 and matches the room perfectly. The utility cart holds art supplies for easy access and can easily be moved from the classroom to the kitchen where we do art and science.

This storage unit has the addition of a filing cabinet. It holds our calendar cards, classroom supplies and folders for each subject. I will touch on the colored bins in a future post.

I moved my office to a nook outside the classroom. I can easily work at my desk while still checking on the girls.

At first, I wasn't sure where I was going to put my office, but I'm really happy with how lovely this space turned out. Not only can I keep an eye on the girls in the classroom but it has full sight of our front yard so the girls can roller blade while I prep for our next subject.

                                                      Excited for the days ahead,