I Luv It!

I stopped wearing traditional deodorant a couple years ago for both health reasons and my sensitivity to smells. Since then, I have been on the hunt for something that is natural and keeps me smelling fresh all day long.

This fall I was hosting a fundraiser. In the hustle and bustle my body was working in overdrive, and it showed (or, should I say, smelled). It was rough! To the point where I would confess to anyone who came in close contact with me. I needed them to know that I knew how bad I smelled. Rebecca was one of those people who had the unfortunate encounter with my repulsive armpits. She told me about I Luv It deodorant. Without my lack of etiquette - talking about my B.O. at an event - I may have never been introduced to the most amazing product. This may sound a bit extreme, but seriously it has changed my life! Well, at the very least, it has changed my pits.

I Luv It! The name is fitting for this all-natural, locally-made deodorant. It glides on smoothly and stays a creamy consistency, unlike other natural deodorants I've tried that separate. They even have a deodorant made for men. I hate the smell of men's deodorant and has always been a cause of tension in our marriage (as I'm continually throwing out his deodorant because I can't stand the scent).  I was skeptical that Mark would like I Luv It, but "He Luv's It!" too! Even after a long day of preaching he still smells fresh, and I'm happy because I am no longer nauseated by his artificial deodorant scent. Win-Win!

Hand's down, I Luv It is the BEST all-natural deodorant on the market and is worth the $10.00 as it lasts forever!

                                                    Trust me, you will thank me,






What is a Tile, How is it Changing My Life?

I was recently introduced to this amazing, somewhat life changing product called Tile. I am forever losing my keys, phone, basically everything in my house is fair game to be lost, making me go crazy over and over again.  You can attach a tile to any item you would like to track. Oh how I wish I knew of these during the “stuffy” years. We have lost so many hours over the years searching for the beloved, can’t sleep without it, stuffy. Just open at the seam, drop in a tile and sew closed. Easy Peasy!


Tiles aren’t cheap at $25.00 each and seemed hard to justify against our budget but when I compared it to the cost of replacing a fob or master car key, both of which I have replaced in the past, they are worth every penny long term. I purchased my tiles at Amazon.com, it is better value to buy in bulk, a savings of 35-40%. So far they are attached to my keychain and Apple TV controller and our vehicles (believe it or not, we've had two cars stolen from our driveway on separate occasions). Tiles can be attached under the seat of a bike, pet collars, wallets, computers, the possibilities are endless.

What are you forever losing? Where would you put your tile?

Hello Anthro...

Confession: I have a love/hate relationship with Anthropologie. Why must it draw me in with it's cute window displays, reclaimed wood and concrete accents, perfectly lovely and flowery housewares and fabulous clothing? It fills my retail therapy craving but empties my wallet. In all seriousness, I love this store and I like to shop, but I don't live near an Anthropologie so it's a treat when I do get to one. Shopping is not all I do! Promise. But, I was recently in California where I scored some sweet Spring items that I wanted to share with you...




1. Apparently I love a detailed back (remember my previous post, My Latest Crush?) because this Lorna Crochet Tank by Holding Horses has a delicate crocheted back...isn't it gorgeous?

2. Hooded Openwork Cardigan. Again, more fabulous crocheted detailing.

3. White AG Stevie Cuff Jeans

4. Kalastyle Swedish Dream Soap (also in a previous post...there is a theme!)

5. Booties were already in my collection, by Hinge, but these are similar.

6. Sunglasses are also mine, Marc by Marc Jacobs, but here are many similar styles.

7. Necklace by Pink Moon Jewelry (stay tuned for a post on this FABULOUS jewelry, homegrown by a lovely, local Mama).

Thank you, Anthropologie, for another successful shopping adventure with you. You really are fabulous. I forgive you.

Smells like Voluspa

There are a lot of little things I enjoy when it comes to home decor -  filling my home with lovely scents is one of them. There are a few candle companies I adore but my absolute favourite has to be Voluspa. I think their ridiculously delicious scents and beautifully detailed glass jars (and decorative tins) are a wonderful way to add beauty and warmth to your space. Whether it’s in the living room, bathroom or kitchen, Voluspa has a way of filling the entire room with just the right amount of fragrance. With more than 40 scents across 7 collections there is something amazing for everyone with Voluspa.



Voluspa is also made from an extremely clean burning coconut wax blend. "By collecting coconuts and cold pressing the oil out of the meat of the coconut, the coconut oil is then turned into coconut wax through the process of hydrogenation. This is the same process by which soy wax is made. Lab tests show that Voluspa’s coconut wax blend burns up to 90% cleaner than a 100% soy wax candle of the same size and fragrance. Voluspa candles are ecologically sound, sustainable and made with pesticide-free manufacturing." - voluspa.com Amazing! 





My absolute favourite blends are Mokara, Branche Vermeil, Blanc de Blancs and Makassar Ebony & Peach. I am not gonna lie, I am very strategic with my candle placement as I like to put a stronger fragrance in my washroom and a lighter fragrance in my main living space. I find with Voluspa candles I am able to have an inviting scent in my home without it taking over the delightful scents of food and fresh air.  And if that's not enough to want them, they burn forever, look amazingand are sold at several places close to home - LOVE!



Enjoy the loveliness that is Voluspa…

The Lovely Libby

My lovely list this week is not a product, or a tool or a favorite item. It's all about a lovely person in my life. My sister Libby. Elizabeth Diann Sherwin. She's the baby of our family, the youngest of me and my three sisters. She is truly lovely in every sense of the word.

My beautiful sisters, Cathy, Libby and Jennifer

My beautiful sisters, Cathy, Libby and Jennifer

When I sat down to write this post, I thought it would be pretty easy. There’s so many amazing things to say about her. Piece of cake! I initially found myself trying to explain our history…but that would make for a really LONG post since it goes back more than 40 years. :) So, how do I attempt to explain how amazing she is and why? I will start with a shorter background story. Bear with me. ;)

My sister Libby and I weren't always best friends. We were typical siblings. We fought hard and loved hard. We are only sixteen months apart in age, and our privileges that came with being a certain age, i.e., the age we were allowed to watch our first PG-13 movie, a later curfew, etc, were often clumped together and we were both given that privilege at the same time even though I was a FULL, whopping sixteen months older than her. How unfair is that? (No, there is no lingering residue from that AT ALL...) Libby and I shared a room until I was about 11, the time when our oldest sister Cathy went off to university. I used to assert my MUCH older and more mature age in our room by doing really nice things to her, like build an imaginary wall in our bedroom in which my half of the room had the door, so she couldn't get out. I told her she couldn't get over the "wall", and she believed me and stayed there longer than she needed to. Sorry Lib!

We grew into teenagers and started to become better friends. I have always been so proud to be her older sister (even if I didn’t admit it at the time)..she has always been so smart, popular, beautiful and talented. She was Miss High Kick of the Pom Pom Squad after all! ;) Her smile is infectious and lights up a room with its warmth. I was protective of her and made sure she was treated nicely, even if I made her ride the bus while I got a ride to school in my friend's cool car. I may have been known to throw a few dirty looks around to anyone who wasn’t treating her well. You're welcome Lib! ;)

Between many years of schooling, jobs, and new cities, many miles often separated us. Fast forward to almost four years ago. We successfully convinced Libby to move to Vancouver after finishing her fellowship at Boston Children's in Electrophysiology as a Pediatric Cardiologist! Yay! Wasn’t really our doing, obviously, but more of an answer to prayer that maybe, just maybe, one of my best friends/sisters would move close to me. I am an East Coaster by birth (and now West Coaster at heart!), and lived there until 2005 when my handsome husband swept me off my feet and I moved to Vancouver, BC, leaving my family behind. One of the best days and saddest days of my life. My family has always been very close and it was very hard for me to move away. When the possibility of Libby moving to our town became a reality, I was more excited than I could express. Libby took a position at BC Children's Hospital and began leaving her footprint on the hearts of her patients and our little family.

One of the best gifts we received by having Libby living nearby, was that she was able to be present during the birth of our sweet boy in 2013. It was an honor to have her in the room to help me deliver, and with some minor complications, it was also helpful to have her medical background. A comfort for all of us, and a very special time. We've had so many amazing times together. From family dinners and celebrations, to silly nights with our girls to seeing the Lion King together. We have been blessed to have her for almost four years...

When a job posting came up at DC National Medical Center back home in Washington, DC, my heart broke. I was upset with the fact that we may lose her to the East, but once she interviewed and accepted the job, I knew it was the perfect fit for her. It's a great program with lots of resources, technology, and the chance to use her knowledge and expand her skills in Electrophysiology. She will be close to our oldest sister, Cathy, and her family, numerous friends from all of her schooling, and only 2.5 hours from our Mom and Dad. It just makes sense.

But...the "loss" for me is deep - she's my person here, my best friend, Auntie "B" to our three kids, friend to my husband, sincerely compassionate physician to many families, caring, honest friend to many...the list goes on. And while I'm sad sad sad that she's moving, Washington DC and the patients and families, and our own family, are gaining one heck of a woman. Libby can talk politics, religion, medicine, and fashion; she can braid hair, patiently sit with us while we visit the ER for various kid-related illnesses, and cry with us; she can walk families through some of the most difficult days of their lives, sometimes crying with them herself. She's the one you want at your bedside because she leaves no stone un-turned. She sacrifices her own sleep and nutrition to find the answers. All the while, looking polished - whether in her scrubs or professional attire - with the biggest, warmest heart and smile. 

Lib, we will be sending you off on your new adventure soon. You will be leaving a hole in our family and hearts, but are beyond thankful for the ability to travel often. We send you off with the hope and prayer that you will bless countless more there. Washington, DC couldn't possibly understand the woman they landed for the position. And, if anyone treats you poorly, Lib, you let me know. I'll shoot them a "look". Love you most!

Gentle Gems

There are a million pieces of advice out there for mamas with little, teething babes and believe me when I say, I have almost heard it all. From teething gels, homeopathic creams, amber necklaces, and random things that go in the freezer - I found none made much difference. Funny thing is, I am on baby number four and this is the first time I have found a teething product that my baby actually loves!

Gentle Gems are custom-made teething products that are handmade by a sweet, local mama right here in Langley, BC. Gentle Gems makes everything from teething rings to soother chains with interchangeable clips and more! There are so many beautiful styles to choose from and they can attach to car seats, carriers or clothing. Each piece is customizable with your choice of coloured bead and character and all are made from 100% food-grade silicone, free from BPA and other harmful chemicals.

When my girls got their hands on my little guy’s teethers, they couldn't stop touching them. I think I forgot that just because the girls aren't babies doesn't mean they don't have teeth coming in and going out. My oldest was always biting her nails or her hair and it drove me nuts! Now, each one of my girls has a custom necklace (made in their favourite colours) to chew, bite and play dress up with! And the very best part? They are dishwasher safe so cleaning and sanitizing is a breeze!

I love buying local and supporting women in business. Knowing that Gentle Gems was created out of a need for a great teething product at an affordable price and that all of the proceeds go toward her little man's savings account, made me feel that this mama's creations were worth every single penny.

I love Gentle Gems so much and want you and your babe to experience this lovely product! You can win one of the teething products shown on the blog by entering our Instagram giveaway! Just head over to Oh So Lovely on Instagram, follow us if you don't already, like the photo and tag your friends! You can tag as many friends as you want! Oh, and if you want a custom piece, use the discount code "Oh So Lovely" when you order from Gentle Gems to receive 15% off your order! 

Happy biting babes!

The Don Andreas - Famoso

Every week, one of us shares a personal favourite on Oh So Lovely's Lovely List.  Even though I'm highlighting my fave, I know I can speak for Rebecca & Carrie when I say, we have a shared love for this week's Lovely List. Good food makes me happy!  I wouldn't call myself a foodie, but I enjoy finding restaurants that have cool ambiance and delicious food.  I love when I eat something so flavourful that keeps me thinking of it for days to come, tempting me back for more. 

The Don Andreas pizza at Famoso Napolean Pizzeria has that tempting power over me.  It's a mexican inspired pizza with a white sauce base, roasted chicken, corn and chipotle salsa, avocado, chopped cilantro and a lime wedge. I know cilantro is one of those herbs that people either love or hate. I for one am a lover of cilantro, can't get enough, eat it on everything kinda girl, so this pizza speaks to my heart!

Famoso in Morgan Crossing is a fun place for the whole family. The staff are friendly and the kids love getting fresh dough to play with while they wait. Okay, parents love that too! Occupied kids = adult conversation, win-win.

Follow Famoso on facebook for coupons and upcoming specials and before you go, give us a call, we're in!  (no biggie, just 6 adults & 10 kids)             

Buon Appetito!

My Latest Crush!

Oh how I love my new purchase! This shirt! The minute I put it on - I fell in love! This top by Eve + Enoch Apparel has an amazing classic front with a beautifully detailed back. I knew it was a must-have! I don't typically spend a lot on tops, but this is a pricey piece that I'm so glad I invested in.

I picked up this gem at one of my favourite boutique women's apparel stores, Mint Style Lounge, at Morgan Crossing. I loved the fit right away and when the owner (one of them is almost always working the desk) said it's by a Canadian company (from Edmonton, Alberta) and the clothes are actually hand sewn IN Canada, I was sold. I love supporting local stores and local brands. At Mint, they carry unique, high quality yet affordable styles for women; you can find anything from a trendy tee to a fresh and fun occasion dress.

I paired the shirt with my favorite distressed boyfriend jeans, but it can easily go to more of an evening out look with faux leather leggings and your favorite heels or booties. The back has a beautiful, tasteful cut out design with faux leather trim details. The best part? It is all made with a fabulous, touchable, and machine washable fabric - because who's got time for dry cleaning?

Make Up For Ever Ever

I am very particular about what products I use on my skin.  I have very sensitive, combination skin that needs a little extra TLC more often than not. One of my absolutely favourite new products that quickly hit ‘can’t-live-without’ status is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. What a mouthful! Trust me, this product is an absolute must-have!

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD

I was using a tinted moisturizer for so long, but I found that getting the coverage I wanted also meant that I was piling on more makeup than I wanted to wear. With this Make Up For Ever foundation, I have been able to gain amazing coverage with the smallest amount of product. And what’s even more amazing is this foundation adjusts to your skin as it sets and creates a soft and smooth look that can be used daily as is (no setting powder required) or work as a base for a more glam look. I use it on freshly moisturized skin and apply it with a foundation brush. If you are in search of a new foundation, definitely give this one a try!

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD

Buy the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation (available in 40 shades) here!

Complimentary products:

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Primer

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer

Sephora Pro Foundation Brush #47

Good Health by Saje

Well, it finally happened. The flu hit our family last week, and it was a doozy. I thought, no better time to talk about one of my favorite and essential (especially during flu season) items, Saje Natural Wellness essential oils. This week I've been diffusing the Good Health line around the clock into our home, and drained my supply.

The Good Health line diffuser blends include Liquid Sunshine, for a citrus-fueled burst of revitalizing energy; Immune, to help fortify the body and boost the spirits; Stress Release, for calming and deep relaxation; and Tranquility, to help support a deeper and more restful sleep. All of those should help, right?

Saje's essential oils and blends are specially-formulated and dedicated to using 100% natural ingredients. They have an extensive line of products, including all-natural deodorants, cold and flu relief, Energy enhancer (yes please!) and Snore No More (YES PLEASE!!). All of Saje's essential oils are diffused into your home or applied directly to the skin. Did I mention they also smell amazing?! There are many locations, but I popped into the one on Marine Drive on the White Rock beachfront for some of their deodorant and left with a bag full of loveliness. The initial investment can hurt the purse strings, but because you only use several drops at a time, it lasts. The staff are passionate and extremely helpful. It almost feels like a counseling session, unloading my ailments and complaints and leaving with a plan to better health. 

Bucket Bag Bliss

Confession: I have a weakness for handbags. I mean, what woman doesn’t? There are so many different shapes, textures, and colours! It is so hard to figure out which ones deserve your hard earned money and which ones are worth the pass-by. I try to be conscious and intentional in all of my purchases; learning where to spend it (investment piece) and where to trend it (sourcing a lower cost alternative)!


One bag that caught my eye was the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. Let’s be honest, it did more than catch my eye - I loved it! I am a busy mom of four little ones, so a small, cute bag will just sit in my closet and collect dust. I need a bag that can handle all of my stuff and then some!


Of course the MG bucket bag is a difficult one to snag and sells out in minutes with every release. I managed to get my hands on my favourite custom combo: black exterior and ballerina pink interior. It’s beautiful, functional and can hold all of my gazillion things!

Here is a great alternative at a fraction of the cost!

Alora Ambiance

Alora Ambiance. Doesn't that just sound so lovely? One of my favorite products ever! It's packaging is beautiful, the wicking system is bottled and engineered perfectly and conveniently, and was all discovered by two sisters in Italy, one of the loveliest places on Earth. I have a different scent in every room in my house...

Sisters, Therese and Annie Gibbons, started the company and developed the product after studying in Italy, where they discovered the age-old Italian wicking method. They brought the concept home to the farm they grew up on in Minnesota where they assembled the first 8,000 diffusers, by hand! That's dedication and hard work.

Arancia is my current favorite for the kitchen. With hints of orange rind and gardenia, it's a perfectly citrusy and sweet scent to help with those stubborn kitchen odors.

My sister, Jennifer, introduced me to these bottles of beauty, and I've only used this diffuser brand since. There are many on the market, but this one is of the highest quality ingredients, with the most ideal fragrance to alcohol ratio. The company often features seasonal or holiday favorites too (Rosa for Valentine's Day is the scent they're currently featuring). They make the loveliest hostess or new home gift! My favorite time to restock is during their BOGO events. Sign up for the email alerts and shop Alora online for a sweeter welcome home. Enjoy!

Sea Salt Soap - Anthropologie


I had never been a bar soap kinda girl, (prefer the loofah) until my friend introduced me to the luxurious Sea Salt Soap from Anthropologie.  As you use the soap the smooth outer surface clears and reveals beautiful sea salt crystals that exfoliates, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. Concerned about scents? Yep, me too. That's one of the reasons why I love this soap; it has a soft scent that is fresh and light and keeps my skin clear.

Sea Salt Soap is all luxury without the high price point. It's only $7.00 a box and last for months. I loved receiving this gift so much that I bought a handful of Sea Salt Soaps and have them wrapped in my gift cupboard. No more scrambling for hostess gifts!

Good To Go

Oh my! I have been dying to share my absolute favourite and THE most life-changing product that I know. Seriously, this is a major game-changer for all the ladies who paint their own nails. I love a manicure as much as anyone else, but finding time to go for one and then not touching anything for hours - ha! Not likely for this mama. Of course, I could always opt for the shellac manicure, but I would actually like to keep my nails!

In comes the best product find in all my years of painting my own nails: Good To Go by Essie. I actually don’t understand why it is not a well known product let alone used by every salon out there! This top coat can have your nails dry to the touch in less than two minutes and pretty solid in less than fifteen minutes. That is a major score for busy ladies and mamas alike! And this magic potion will work with several coats and still provide the same amazing dry time and brilliant shine. Forget the drying spray and frantic nail-blowing and go get Good To Go!