Good Health by Saje

Well, it finally happened. The flu hit our family last week, and it was a doozy. I thought, no better time to talk about one of my favorite and essential (especially during flu season) items, Saje Natural Wellness essential oils. This week I've been diffusing the Good Health line around the clock into our home, and drained my supply.

The Good Health line diffuser blends include Liquid Sunshine, for a citrus-fueled burst of revitalizing energy; Immune, to help fortify the body and boost the spirits; Stress Release, for calming and deep relaxation; and Tranquility, to help support a deeper and more restful sleep. All of those should help, right?

Saje's essential oils and blends are specially-formulated and dedicated to using 100% natural ingredients. They have an extensive line of products, including all-natural deodorants, cold and flu relief, Energy enhancer (yes please!) and Snore No More (YES PLEASE!!). All of Saje's essential oils are diffused into your home or applied directly to the skin. Did I mention they also smell amazing?! There are many locations, but I popped into the one on Marine Drive on the White Rock beachfront for some of their deodorant and left with a bag full of loveliness. The initial investment can hurt the purse strings, but because you only use several drops at a time, it lasts. The staff are passionate and extremely helpful. It almost feels like a counseling session, unloading my ailments and complaints and leaving with a plan to better health.