Alora Ambiance

Alora Ambiance. Doesn't that just sound so lovely? One of my favorite products ever! It's packaging is beautiful, the wicking system is bottled and engineered perfectly and conveniently, and was all discovered by two sisters in Italy, one of the loveliest places on Earth. I have a different scent in every room in my house...

Sisters, Therese and Annie Gibbons, started the company and developed the product after studying in Italy, where they discovered the age-old Italian wicking method. They brought the concept home to the farm they grew up on in Minnesota where they assembled the first 8,000 diffusers, by hand! That's dedication and hard work.

Arancia is my current favorite for the kitchen. With hints of orange rind and gardenia, it's a perfectly citrusy and sweet scent to help with those stubborn kitchen odors.

My sister, Jennifer, introduced me to these bottles of beauty, and I've only used this diffuser brand since. There are many on the market, but this one is of the highest quality ingredients, with the most ideal fragrance to alcohol ratio. The company often features seasonal or holiday favorites too (Rosa for Valentine's Day is the scent they're currently featuring). They make the loveliest hostess or new home gift! My favorite time to restock is during their BOGO events. Sign up for the email alerts and shop Alora online for a sweeter welcome home. Enjoy!