Good To Go

Oh my! I have been dying to share my absolute favourite and THE most life-changing product that I know. Seriously, this is a major game-changer for all the ladies who paint their own nails. I love a manicure as much as anyone else, but finding time to go for one and then not touching anything for hours - ha! Not likely for this mama. Of course, I could always opt for the shellac manicure, but I would actually like to keep my nails!

In comes the best product find in all my years of painting my own nails: Good To Go by Essie. I actually don’t understand why it is not a well known product let alone used by every salon out there! This top coat can have your nails dry to the touch in less than two minutes and pretty solid in less than fifteen minutes. That is a major score for busy ladies and mamas alike! And this magic potion will work with several coats and still provide the same amazing dry time and brilliant shine. Forget the drying spray and frantic nail-blowing and go get Good To Go!