What is a Tile, How is it Changing My Life?

I was recently introduced to this amazing, somewhat life changing product called Tile. I am forever losing my keys, phone, basically everything in my house is fair game to be lost, making me go crazy over and over again.  You can attach a tile to any item you would like to track. Oh how I wish I knew of these during the “stuffy” years. We have lost so many hours over the years searching for the beloved, can’t sleep without it, stuffy. Just open at the seam, drop in a tile and sew closed. Easy Peasy!


Tiles aren’t cheap at $25.00 each and seemed hard to justify against our budget but when I compared it to the cost of replacing a fob or master car key, both of which I have replaced in the past, they are worth every penny long term. I purchased my tiles at Amazon.com, it is better value to buy in bulk, a savings of 35-40%. So far they are attached to my keychain and Apple TV controller and our vehicles (believe it or not, we've had two cars stolen from our driveway on separate occasions). Tiles can be attached under the seat of a bike, pet collars, wallets, computers, the possibilities are endless.

What are you forever losing? Where would you put your tile?