I Luv It!

I stopped wearing traditional deodorant a couple years ago for both health reasons and my sensitivity to smells. Since then, I have been on the hunt for something that is natural and keeps me smelling fresh all day long.

This fall I was hosting a fundraiser. In the hustle and bustle my body was working in overdrive, and it showed (or, should I say, smelled). It was rough! To the point where I would confess to anyone who came in close contact with me. I needed them to know that I knew how bad I smelled. Rebecca was one of those people who had the unfortunate encounter with my repulsive armpits. She told me about I Luv It deodorant. Without my lack of etiquette - talking about my B.O. at an event - I may have never been introduced to the most amazing product. This may sound a bit extreme, but seriously it has changed my life! Well, at the very least, it has changed my pits.

I Luv It! The name is fitting for this all-natural, locally-made deodorant. It glides on smoothly and stays a creamy consistency, unlike other natural deodorants I've tried that separate. They even have a deodorant made for men. I hate the smell of men's deodorant and has always been a cause of tension in our marriage (as I'm continually throwing out his deodorant because I can't stand the scent).  I was skeptical that Mark would like I Luv It, but "He Luv's It!" too! Even after a long day of preaching he still smells fresh, and I'm happy because I am no longer nauseated by his artificial deodorant scent. Win-Win!

Hand's down, I Luv It is the BEST all-natural deodorant on the market and is worth the $10.00 as it lasts forever!

                                                    Trust me, you will thank me,